Friday, February 29, 2008

Perspectives Vary

Perspectives vary, I guess... As an American citizen I realize that perspectives vary...and that even attempting to EXPLAIN this subject matter often sets off the hypersensitive radar known as political right off the bat I must say that I am Black and Japanese, with a little bit of Cherokee and a little bit of Blackfoot...and that MY perspective starts there...and continues herienthereafter...if that's even a word...
So I walk down the streets of America with this knowledge and find myself rarely in the state of awe...because perspectives vary...I have learned this...
I'm finding out that as an American citizen from North Oakland (which is located just far enough away from Berkeley so that I don't smell the patchoulie, which I think is gross), I find the following items seen as normal behavior :
1- People in this area don't make eye contact when walking down the lane...
Which makes me wonder who, traditionally, is supposed to say hi first?
I'm finding this a major role in the counter productive attitude that looms
in the shadows of passive aggression...think about it...

2- People like to wake up at the crack of dawn, get in front of me in line
and order what I have been calling "the decaf soliloquy"...and what I
mean by that is the (ahem) double decaf half soy machiatto cappafrappa-
lama ding dong thingy with no foam please...and then they get back on their
phone to discuss their state of health, which is subsequently improving...if you
ask them...
AND I'm behind these types of people thinking to myself,
" What in the hell is wrong with you people? Why are you here? It's 7am! There
are those of us who NEED caffeine to form complete sentences and here I am
behind some yoga guru who is obviously so narcissistic that if she became ONE
with anything IT would be irritated to death. So my perspective, which was
formed by watching people like this, has come up with a general synopsis, ok?
And that is : decaf should be illegal between the hours of 2am until 10am.
Perspectives vary I know...I'm just observing with great patience...
3- Cel phones...(sigh) What I have perceived as normal behavior with cel
phones these days, I would've called schizophrenia not too long ago. I said...perspectives I accept the difference of opinion...from my own.
Because my perspective is one of perspective? Mine?
Well...who cares...At this point in history I have no idea what to do but to generally accept people who randomly walk out into the middle of a busy hear better, their important's also difficult to refrain from laughing at someone
(sometimes they are incredibly good looking women) who decides somewhere
in their mind that talking on the phone is more important than parking a motor they do it one handed and...I mean god bless people and stuff
but don't they LOOK RIDICULOUS? Truthfully? The answer is yes...

And I' not saying that this is how things will be from here on into eternity...but
history shows us this so far...that perspectives vary...

Do they not? I love America for what I believe in...and that's all I feel is
necessary to say sometimes...and what I have learned is from the result
of a free education...which will be explained next Blog...


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