Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Words give hope and hope gives us
another couple reasons to get on that bus
Away from the mess and the stress of it all
the on line deceptions and the advert calls...


The money driven quest to achieve the big dream
is like choking on a twinkie for the throat coat cream
it's like steppin' on your friends to be better than them
so they can all bow down and kiss your rear end

Goin' for the gold is like slappin' on a wall
with your own damn face to spite natures call
I compare it to the greed that I read about ya see
that separates the mind and heart from your own body

And the riches that you get when you get what you want
reminds me of the death of the old witch hunts
when you put up all your soul on the market for pay
is a sad sad sad sad sad sad day

And that's why the people who we call all of us
will never seem to know why life is such a fuss
when all we see is money and reward and the bling
then life will never ever be called a sacred thing

So adapt to this way and keep a lock on your heart
London bridge has fallen and the world's torn apart
it's the era of the techno numbing brain feeze culture here
advanced is the word but we seem to live in fear

And all of these damn words don't mean a thing unless you see
love is like the glue which holds the 'them' to you and me
and with that small perspective is a view that all can share
in an instant we can smile about the things we find so rare


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