Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Birth Of HELLTARD: Rev Terry Jones

As an American; a blues guitarist; a philosopher; a monk with no religion...

I find religious tolerance, not only good for others, but also one of the many secrets of the arts. With out it, the ability to see beyond the horizon of narrow mindedness is limited. With an open mind, one may learn to look out into a strange world and take in the all the evidence as something mysterious and profound. As an artist, I find this necessary and some what mandatory if I want to reach people with my music. I have received many compliments and critique from all kinds of people as proof to the quality of this particular method. Then...there are other types of people who look out into the world of the mysterious and want to burn it all to hell.

And so at this point...some of you may be wondering wtf is HELLTARD?

Good question.

Allow me to explain:

A HELLTARD, to me, is someone who so ignorant that they have achieved a level of mental, spiritual and soulful retardation, that only the lord of the underworld and land of make believe could appreciate. It has nothing to do with actual mentally handicapped individuals. It is almost beyond describing, truthfully. Not until I witnessed the acts of Rev. Terry Jones from Gainesville Florida. In fact it was his fundamentally helltarded idea of burning the Qu'ran on September 11th that allowed me insight to manifest definition from two separate words. Hell and retarded. And in a comment thread this idea transpired...into this passage:

From the down in the syndrome of hell itself, this man comes staggering with drool on his chin and bib and of course, around the edges of his handle bar moustache... To not only bring about the change of his own mouth diapers (we hope... ) but to unite all asses with their holes of destiny in attempt to rid planet earth of all things deemed relatively ok. Have no fear! HELLTARD is here. As he rides into the sunset on his blue handicapped sticker adorned big wheel chopper of destiny... Turning sin into synapse errors...Trimming his beard with fire and of igniting a hatred inside the hearts and minds of Muslims so deep that even his chopper forks drown in the sad sad irony. Calling their religion "of the devil" ...even though we all know for a fact that...

only true evil likes to burn stuff.

(scary) Terry Jones is the birth of HELLTARD!

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Coming this a theater near you...

Peace to Muslims, Christians and ALL religions that want to practice what they believe.

your friendly cyberhood

Uncle Samurai

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