Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haiku Humpday For Tea Baggers

To break up the week, I have collected some Haiku poetry of mine for your viewing pleasure.

Haiku poetry is a simple format. The first line must be 5 syllables. The second line is 7 and the third line is 5.

Within this format I have written a few poems to poke fun at the tea bagger party. Also known as "extremely paranoid republicans."
Using the "fourth grade IQ" technique (which I have been developing over the years specifically for tea baggers since the age of 9), I have found a perfect harmony of comedic degradation, insult and level of intelligence to match this particular party of politicians.
I hope you enjoy this collection of works as much as I did creating it.

Your friendly cyber hood
Uncle Samurai

Sarah Palin Haiku:
You don't deserve one
You are beneath a Haiku
Let's change the subject

Haiku written for Christine "Dingbat" O'Donnell:
Tea bagging nut job
Witches are not satanic
Balls in mouth choking

George W. Bush Haiku:
You said Nuclear
But it sounds like Noo Kuh Ler
Thank god you are gone

Tina Fey Haiku:
God made you funny
Sarah Palin must hate you
Do it some more please

Pee Wee Herman Haiku:
When you skeet skeet skeet
Aim at Christine O'Donnell
Steal all her wet naps

A Haiku about Chris O'donnell and Sarah Palin in an MMA fight against Ellen Degeneres and Margaret Cho:
There was so much blood
A double death by strap on
Lesbians kick ass

A Xmas Haiku about Sarah Palin:
Santa Claus can't fly
The Reindeer refuse to work
They are scared to death

(all poems are written hypothetically and do not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of google)

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