Thursday, September 30, 2010

Po'tree: Impossible...

In our hearts beat the rhythm of infinite dreams
In our souls we need not know what this means
Faith is the compass that wakes us tomorrow
Time is the essence of all things we borrow

I like to lean with a smile to tease gravity
Everything we do means the world to me
Through out our own lives we may see why we live
The reason we're here is our reason to give

Those who make haste to control other's dreams
Lose the meaning of hope and destroy everything
The heaven they've made with their insecure minds
Will be void of their soul like a light to the blind

Karma and justice divided by grief
Subtracted by moments of pure disbelief
All tell a tale that we find so endearing
When we take the time to confront what we're fearing

Negative news is abusive and crass
It manifests future events from the past
Focused on this type of sincerity
Brings out the worst of our humanity

Truth is a razor, a shield and a cup
It cuts and protects and might swallow you up
A day without truth is a child with no smile
I can live with your lies but I'd drown in denial

For every lost heart there's a family of dreams
For every cruel act there's an ocean of streams
For every lost moment that echos with pain
There's a chance of pure hope to remind you again

It is impossible for all to be lost...

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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