Thursday, September 30, 2010

For the Conquering

Here is a song I wrote recently. It's one of my many replies to all the political whining that's going on in the democratic party. When I heard that someone was "tired and exhausted" of defending President Obama, I was disheartened a bit. And I wondered if maybe during Dr. Martin Luther King's walk to the capitol, it was this person's relative who mentioned this same kind of thing to Dr. King.
"Mr. King...I'm getting tired of all this walking AND defending you. I thought you said we were gonna get 40acres AND a pony! "

Impatience wasn't the virtue I had read about.
Especially when it includes say an ENTIRE NATION of people.
But...instead of actually saying this to somebody...I wrote down these words with one of those old fashion tools we used to keep around the house. I think it's called a pen.
So this one is about internal struggle with in the camp; no fighting in the temple; bringing down the moral...etc...
We have technology. Let's use it to stick together...

You voted for change, now you wanna back out
I don't really know what you're talking about
You partied all night on the 8th of November
Now you try to act like you don't remember

You said if he lost you would move far away
And leave us with the people who continue to hate
They want us to flock like birds of a feather
Who can't take the pressure of sticking together

So let me remind you my friends
They unite to divide us all for the conquering

I don't mean to diss or scare you away
But the party on the right's pushin' judgement day
They're so quick to republish the hype
The monotonous drone of a stereo type

They got you shakin' like your sittin' on ice
Afraid to speak out because it wouldn't sound nice
You can't stand the words I've said

Let me remind you again
They unite to divide us all for the conquering

Divided we fall, united we live
In spite of it all I could never give in
Lookin' back I would have to admit
That loose lips sink relationships
And if we end up lost at sea
You'll be looking down tryin' to tread on me
So hold tight to your hopes and dreams
They want control of the whole damn thing

And let me remind you again
They unite to divide us all for the conquering

~Musashi Lethridge

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