Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The next level of Haiku poetry: Edition #1

As a Black and Japanese person, I thought it would be fitting to revisit an old folklore tradition called "yo mama caps", (which was very popular among Black youths in my school days) and blend it with a Japanese poem format called Haiku.

"Yo mama caps" as I remember, was (and still is) the art of creating an imaginary mother of a friendly foe and manifesting insult, within an improv theme. Often done near a small audience of friends and/or acquaintances acting as a judiciary panel for deemed scoring ability. Shouts of "oooh shiiiiiiiiit!" and " Daaayuuuum!" were the equivalent of scored points in a match.

Popularized as a "one liner delivery" form, I though it would be a challenge to consolidate this "street thespianism" into Haiku format.

Haiku format, as you may know has 3 lines only.

The 1st and 3rd lines of poem must be 5 syllables. The 2nd line must be 7.

Some find Haiku poetry extremely challenging. Some do not.

As it turns out...I have a natural gift for this new hybrid art from which I have dubbed:

"Haiku Yo Mama-san"

I hope you enjoy this collection of works as much as I did creating it.

Your mom is so fat

she went outside today

The whole earth stood still

Your mom's so greasy

Rosie O donnel once said

she tastes like chicken

Your mom is so dumb

she could not write a haiku

and misspelled E.T.

Your mom is so poor

she used the corn on her feet

to feed you today

Your mom is so big

The Sun Belt holds up her pants

The Moon is eclipsed

Your momma's so dumb

she jumped out of a window

and fell to the sky

Your mom's so greasy

Jermaine Jackson had to say

your mom's so greasy

Your mom's retarded

She must wear a blue sticker

to think thoughts out loud

Your Mom is so large

the big bang theory still stands

right under your mom

Your mom smells so bad

I saw a skunk hold his breath

when he walked by her

Your mom drives so bad

my asian relatives say

your mom should not drive

Your mom drives so bad

I heard she failed the exam

on your new skateboard

Your mom is so fat

Greenpeace has taken the fifth

and has walked away

Your mom is so thin

she jumped into a fruit loop

and then disappeared

Stay tuned for Edition #2 of "Haiku Yo Mama-san"

Your friendly cyberhood

Uncle samurai

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Love Finds You said...

Very, VERY funny.
Musical and comedic genius?
Some people hog all the talent.