Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My "Vacation" pics in Amsterdam

As the on line experience becomes more and more expanded, I have discovered that traveling might be over rated. What with all the angry anti muslim and anti american and anti war and anti- anti war people out there, why spend money running into these nut bags? Especially when I can just take a vacation here on the couch, with the smell of fresh cooked pizza in the air. For free. I know it might not seem like a real vacation. Not until I post it on line and share pics with my envious friends! Then all those memories rush in as I tell the stories. Even if they aren't my memories. Who cares, it was a free trip. Both ways. So if you have the time like I do, I highly suggest trying it. I know that when I "get back" and read the comments my jealous friends have shared, it will feel exactly like a real genuine vacation. Minus the real genuine expenses! Who ever reads the blog part anyway. Most people just scroll down, look at the pics, add a stupid comment and then get back to work before their angry hateful boss catches them.

Anyway, here are some pics from my "vacation" in Amsterdam:

Here is a real prostitute in the famous red light district.
I took the photo while high on weed

Here I am again still taking photos in the red light district.
STILL high on weed (that guy there is also high on weed. he didn't even know I was taking the picture, he was so high)

I ended up buying all these clogs because I was frikken zonked on some
Canal #7 (that's code for weed)

And here's the bike I rented but never rode. I lost the key to the lock
cuz I had just smoked a brickload of some Blonde Affy (which is aka hashish)
it's the same feeling as being high on weed

So I ended up taking the bus a lot. I asked this lady at the bus stop if she would take a picture of me next to a real prostitute. The lady said no. And the other lady, turns out, wasn't even a prostitute and walked away. Here is a pic of the lady that wouldn't take a picture of me and that other lady (who I swore looked exactly like a real prostitute and walked away).

Then I thought, HEY! I could rent a car while I'm here...
Want some advice? Never rent a car in Amsterdam
while you are high on weed

So, after wrecking that car, I went back to the coffee shop.
I totally forgot they even sold coffee there. Then I forgot I had
wrecked that smart car. But I remembered how friendly the
natives are in good old Amsterdam.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my vacation pics.
I'm pretty sure every vacation I take will be in Amsterdam from now on.

Your friendly cyberhood
uncle Samurai

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