Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caribbean All Stars

What's up yo? How is the first week of Obama treatin' ya? I mean as the prez-elect? It's amazing eh? Well...history is amazing. 
 For instance...this man in the pic holding the coffee cup is part of an amazing history. That's Michael George! I took that pic today with my new phone!  He is the founding member of a reggae band called The Caribbean All Stars. Back when reggae in the U.S.A. was only a Bob Marley song or two, this group was already in babylon touring.  And I don't mean the kind of touring where you have to keep an eye on the GPS screen. I don't mean the kind of touring where you have to tell your band mates to share the x box on the bus, or shush cel phone users while you're trying to get some hangover sleep.
I mean the kind of touring where you had to rely on people for information. If your bus broke down, you were depending on the mechanic skills of the driver to get you to your next gig. Even if the band has to hitch hike into town without the bus and equipment. Reliability is the essence of the crew you hire when your bus and equipment arrive on time, with the driver covered in grease while he loads the gear out and onto the stage. Michael George was the kind of man to hire such a driver. Whatever they did, it was back in the day when you had to use rotary phones, pay phones and there was no internet. It wasn't that long ago either. Technology has aged our world faster than we think. Because no matter what high tech gadgets are available, it's usually the reggae music that is always going to contest the rat race. Michael George did all of this with charisma, grace, talent and the ability to make the right and wrong sacrifices so that...the music could be heard...the sweet reggae music that is. 

 That's him holding the bass down there on the far left in the yellow hat.

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Uncle Samurai


Lapizlazuli said...

Cool! But we did have push button phones back then! :-)

Uncle Samurai said...

Thanks for the comment...I will check out your bolgs, too!

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai