Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama gifts#1 - i phone technology horizon

Now that we have a leader elected, it's time to geek out on some high tech shit. Right? No more lookin' over your shoulder anymore. No more extra worry time spent on what the hell the prez is gonna say or do. In fact I could say that ALL you people who have gone to college, or are still enrolled, you can relax and let a "teacher" do his job, finally. 

Ya see... 

 I felt for the last 8 years that I just didn't have the correct mindset to enjoy the wonderful toys we have created, so far. New cel phones, cars that drive under water, new computers IN the phones. This photo was taken with my cheap ZTE Metro Pcs phone. An i phone would be awesome! But not in the last 8 years, man. I Couldn't take my worried eyes off the horizon. Not with what's-his-name at the helm of American reality. 

 But now that my mind, heart and spirit are a little more relaxed, I can get my shit together and go buy an i phone, eventually. Then I can download the " common sense " apps that I have not been able to find during the last 8 years of the republican administration. Have you ever tried to put together a model plane? What if you had no glue? I'm saying that the country had no common sense to hold us together.
 It's all new to me, but it's also familiar. Listening to Obama speak reminds me of the people I grew up with. That's why I believe this change. It was how I was trying to live my life all along. And all I had to do was make a line with a bic pen. What a difference, now! It's so much better than translating the mangled english language speeches that what's-his-name was famous for. I mean, what was I getting used to? How much thinking time did I spend trying to make sense of garbled verbatim? Every time he spoke , I cringed.  How many families are still walking around with food on their heads?!
(again sigh)
 Hey...how many women are smiling because they simply understand the words that are coming out of Obama's mouth? Well...we have about 4 years to count these precious smiles.

listen to this song again, I have posted it before, but it has a newer fresh ring to it now

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