Monday, November 10, 2008

For those of you who rock #1

I salute anybody that rocks. Yes, I listen to AC DC and yes they rock, but I'm not talking about them specifically, today...
It's time for cheesy blog shout outs.
Yup. I just sit here on my lazy Black and Japanese ass and find shit on line. Or even better...I wait for someone to send me new stuff. I'm not a REAL journalist or anything close. They should get the credit for leaving the house to find stories, not me. I am a musician. I write and play music.At home. THEN I leave the house and go on stage, jump around like a monkey man and turn girls on as they grow into women. Which makes women confused when they start to like me. Which makes me confused because my work is self centered and they are so pretty and soft. And I' track. Pardon me. Where was I? Oh yeah, modern living and stuff, journalists that go find stories...and the bloggers. Lazy lazy bloggers.
But we are in a brand new era of rely-on-my-computer-chip-instead-of-my-body-or-brains type of world... when in Rome...


This dude left the house for three years.
Lived in Africa to collect Records. He is simply a DJ.
RESPECT! Lordamersayyy...
check his site out.

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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