Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SKA 4U (#1) - Skallipygians

What makes a bunch of people get up and shake that laptop out of our pants?
What brings people together in a state of blissful melodies and upbeat attitudes?
What is gonna allow us to feel the new change that we all just voted for?
Well...money CAN be the answer, or even getting together with that special someone that you've been thinking about for so long. Or a brand new Prius. But, I'm not talking about money or economically rendered vehicles at the moment.
 I'm talking about SKA music.

Yes, SKA. 
 One of the only musical genres left that hasn't been exploited by the success of itself. The kind of music that was created from the release of colonial oppression. 
Yes, SKA music.
 Back in Jamaica after the British went home, leaving the Jamaican community with a bunch of Rum, weed, freedom and a reason to celebrate, SKA music was invented with a sole purpose. Something fun to do while forgetting about the trials and tribulations that had just been happening for years and years. 
 And now that America has had its 8 years of ridiculous political strife to look back upon, we need something new and festive to celebrate with. I mean I could take the time and go back to school for a degree, or something. But that doesn't sound like fun to me. Then I thought to myself...self?.....yes?....What about SKA music?
Perfect. Because people come to ska shows to dance and reshape their chair dented buttocks into more of a rounder and fuller heart shaped box. You could say that we are SKAllipygians.
Either way, I must say that skallipygians are, indeed, the antithesis of secretary spread.And that is always a good thing.
Here are a few quotes from people who have danced the ska:
" Wow! That was hella fun..."- stoned college girl at the Bottom of the hill.

" I didn't know that I could do that with my butt!! Are you guys playing again soon? "- (Same girl)

" We had soooo much fun! "- Joe P.

" I think I don't need to go to Yoga class in the morning...THAT was a sweat session! "- Drunk college girl at the Rickshaw Stop.

" Check that girl out, dude! Wow...her skirt is SAYING something..." - Drunk dude at the Ashkenaz.

Just a few quotes from a few shows. So, if you are curious about ska, I have a place you can go for some answers.
(Not just some fancy headline for a blog.)
A colleague of mine and I decided that this website should be published for the benefit of all who like to dance, drink, smile and look at really attractive people in suedo fancy clothing, while listening to some really good tunes. 
2009 is SKANKIN' TIME!!!

your friendly cyberhood
Uncle Samurai

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