Saturday, November 8, 2008

Upgrade and applications?

I've been thinking about this new presidential thing for a few days now. You know what it reminds me of? Do you remember the commodore 64? It was the first real computer I had as a kid. It was really slow and it required the basic computer skills needed to operate.
Well, that's kind of how I see us now.
We just upgraded. And instead of going with the usual aesthetics and looks, it's kind of like the new i phone or something, right? Now most i phones I see out there have this certain design. Sleek, black and really user friendly. The only real set back for me is...well...I haven't opened up the new applications yet.
Here is what I mean:

1-Old computer( or Administration ) - Takes a long time to download information.
New Upgrade - Easy to comprehend right away if you have the new application file in your head.

2-O.C. - Have to protest in order to make a point about basic stuff; like human
N.U. - We haven't opened up the apps for this yet. We may just simply need to 'ask' for stuff.

3-O.C. - Redundant eggshell white design. Boring and dull.
N.U. - New light skinned hybrid template that is actually both original AND new. Get this App!

4-O.C. - Faulty voice application that requires extra download time and unnecessary thinking
and compensating.
N.U. - Familiar sounding to just about anybody with or without new apps.

5-O.C. - Doesn't really know too much about the laws of our constitution.
N.U. - Taught Constitutional law. Really expensive application, but once you have it, it's
pretty awesome.

6-O.C. - Represents a vision of one sidedness, slow downloads and a messy cache.
N.U. - Has been multi tasking for years AS a hybrid model. Which means having a trained perspective that is current with America's multi based variety.
i.e Republicans AND Democrats, Blacks and Whites, Mexican AND Chinese, Gays AND Straights,etc....

7-O.C. - Creates a limited world of links for the user.
N.U. - Has opened up just about ALL the links in the world. You can travel to some of
your favorite places again WITHOUT using a CANADIEN wallet to hide your U.S. pass port!

Now...that is just what I came up with so far.
Like I said, I haven't even opened up ALL the apps yet for this new Upgrade.
But as a person who is also a hybrid like the new Upgrade, I am beginning to understand how it's going to be. Just ask someone like...I dunno... Tiger Woods. He and I understand what kind of perspective the New Upgraded Administration is going to have.
Go ahead...ask us some's a brand new era.

your friendly cyberhood and upgraded
Uncle Samurai

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