Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bolt ahead of the rat race...

Usain Bolt has done something for Jamaica that I thought could never be done. Because when I think of Jamaica, I think of a slow and steady reggae beat. I think of songs by Bob Marley that will talk about the pace of the 'rat race'. Moments spent after a huge splif, pondering the universe by a river. Jamaica, to me, is synonymous to NOT BEING IN A HURRY.
So...hearing about someone from Jamaica breaking the world record for the 100 meter dash sounds a bit outta left field to me. I'm used to the news telling that someone from Jamaica has won the cross country event. But the 100 meter dash?
That's like them winning the bob sled competition. And somebody already made a big deal about that whole Jamaican bobsledding competition! I wonder what movie will spin out this record?

Congrats to Usain Bolt for, not just having the most appropriate name for the event, but winning AND setting the new world record, mon.

What is in a man's heart that could make a man run faster than the world record? Maybe this song can explain... -play-

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