Monday, August 25, 2008

Moonlight Memories

When one looks back on pain and grief
the feeling taints the heart's belief

The answers wait behind the moon
the light that shines like silver spoons

And soon the breath of life itself
will teach you about someone else

To gaze upon a glass half filled
with thoughts of what you might have spilled

When all along the thirst you quenched
is what you taste and reminisce

As time ticks on and sunlight brings
that once and oh familiar ring

Which makes you hold your smile up
like morning coffee in my cup

You know I'm here and there I guess
with thoughts of your sweet sexiness

Horizons kissed by starlight lips
the beacon of relationships

The faith I have in us remains
so smile like that moon again

smile like the moon...


Christina said...

speaking of Moonlight Memories...remember the lunar new year cake?!

Love Finds You said...

What a beautiful poem