Monday, August 18, 2008

I'll take an i phone and a mini cooper and a...

Do I want one of these? These hyper tech gadgets?
Will I be able to afford the cost of the phone AND the bill that comes with it?
The answer is yes.

This is just one of the many luxuries that I will have within the next two years of my natural life. I will also be able to afford a Mini Cooper as well as maintaining the up keep on my truck.

You wanna know how I know this is gonna happen?
I will tell you why. Having the same dream for the last few months is all the proof that I need. It's a dream that entails me and a motley crew making a success story unveil itself. It's about the path that I'm on. It's about the last 25 years of work about to make a bold and well deserved statement. It's about the last year or two of people asking me not to forget them. It's about me humbly signing autographs to complete strangers. It's the look that I have been getting from strange exotic women. It's the phone numbers that they offer me with a look of covert naughtiness. And most of all, it's about paying back the karma to my family for holding me up this whole time. This kind of love is undeniably the corner stone to my inevitable
path of "success"...however you define that. Was hoping to do all this with a companion...but... that seems to be another story that I will not go into at the moment...

In the's all about the Uptones!

Here we go...

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