Friday, August 1, 2008

The Invisibles

To balance out the endless news of grief
in a world that searches for some quick relief
I think of all the people I can't see
who live for peace and good old liberty

Just because they aren't within my view
or if I don't hear everything they do
I know that on this scale we stand upon
The Invisibles make right to fix the wrong

The facts are plain as day when I think twice
or this whole world would not be half as nice
The folks who hold this light of optimism
Allow the world to shine inside this prism

Reality suggests that things are dim
and chances for good fortunes's wearing thin
but isn't every generation tested
by the goodness we have mindfully invested?

The happiness that comes to us is here
I hear it everyday with my own ears
If Stevie Wonder opened up his eyes
I'm sure that he'd be pleasantly surprised

So keep in mind the visions that are clear
and hold this thought to heart if you have tears
Just because you cannot not see them clear
The good ones on this earth are always here

Uncle Samurai