Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shaffer the DARKLORD

A linguistics major has a way of deciphering soliloquy after soliloquy without feeling inhibited about the results. Right?

Me? I'm a guitar player. I listen for emotional tone, phrases, melody and volume before the lyrics even make sense.


 In a world of music being dominated by the hip hop genre, it seems that language and the expression there of has been one continuous event of exploitation. Words are the bullets now. And what the industry machine, also known as the RIAA, has been doing for the last 10 years, is filling the auto clips of loquacious weaponry to unleash on society. For HELLA DOLLARS! It seems that everybody is a rapper now. Cool, right?  For some of these artists it's a way out of poverty. Which must feel good. And for some, it's a way to make a little extra bread. WHich must feel good to. And for some it's a way of life. When you look at the big picture, the combined total of all these ways to look at rap, you have a HUGE industry of people trying to use words. Right? That's a lotta lingo for our ears. 
 Now, every so often... a rapper will stand out among the millions. Original. Unique. Explicit. 
And that is getting more and more difficult to do these days. I think that this world could use
a good tongue lashing from New York's Shaffer The Darklord. Because what Shaffer seems to use best in this shady world of rap...are words. Words that most people can comprehend without having to google a linguistics browser for literary meaning. Which, as a guitar player, I have had to do, so that I could "rap" along while driving with hot some babe, who seemed impressed with my articulation skills. And THAT'S what Shaffer has. Articulation skills.
So check him out, he's hilarious, witty, comprehensible and EVIL....


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