Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris to the Hilton

Been looking for a decent pic to post of our dear celeb diva, Paris Hilton.
After her ad for presidential potentiality, I started looking.

It took me a good hour of browsing to find this one.
SO MANY to choose from...

And now that she has said some things about our country that no one can really say is 'bad', I think it's time to put Paris in a different perspective.
No...not in my bedroom either, but in a place that allows us Americans to see her in a different light. Not a video camera light. In the left over lime light that our two candidates are not using at the moment. And Paris is just thin enough to squeeze in there. And when someone like her decides to speak, fully clothed, about our country's's got to be something worth hearing. Like the new Hilton for president video below.

Some of us would rather look at her and hear Obama speak.
And some of us would rather not....

Maybe Paris should run for vice...THAT would be amazing.
Obama and Paris, running the show. Obamas wife would probably have to buy herself a tazer
to keep them both in check...
Enjoy the viddy if you haven't seen it yet...

and now...
some Uptones for your listening pleasure
-play song-

your friendly neighborhood
Uncle Samurai

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