Friday, August 22, 2008

Gargoyle woyld and a gigabyte goyle: SNOWCRASH

Hey geekers! Just a quick shout out to my peeps who hack and chew gigabytes.
Don't forget who Hiro Protagonist is. If you have then I suggest reading SNOWCRASH again. Ya see, Hiro is of Black and Korean decent, by way of Nippon. And that is fairly close to what I am. Black and Japanese. When I read this story of sword fighting, multi hacking, swash buckling , motor cycle buying( OH that motorcycle! sigh ), fantasy adventure that takes place in the 'real world' and the meta verse( The Internet ), I just about lost my half-rican mind! So I will have to read it again soon. And if there is a beautiful woman out there who knows what I'm talking about...I'm single!

"To condense fact from the vapor of nuance"
-Neal Stephenson * SNOWCRASH*

And now some real Japanese geeked out shit
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Feylian said...

I love this book. Oh yes please :) Thanks for the mini review

Uncle Samurai said...

Yes...I am due for another reading soon...