Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Too Much Coffee, dude...

When I drink too much coffee I feel normal. I feel like I'm moving at the pace of the 'real' world.
Is that a statement that anyone else can relate to?

Anyway...the other thing about drinking alot of caffeine is that I can write for days, dude.
Here is one example.
A poem, if you will, about politics.
Imagine that...
It's important to know what we hate, I'm sure
it's agreed that the wrong things are clear
but what would you do to make change for the good
if the question was bent to your ear

I hear people complain about things left and right
and it's easy cuz I do it too
but if someone elected you our president
just what in the hell would you do?

It's a rough rowdy crowd that we all seem to to be
if it's one side or if it's the other
it's easy to say can't we all get along
can't we all just be sisters and brothers?

So I'm thinking that maybe we might start a list
of some goals that we ought to consider
before somebody else puts another four years
in the ground do we have any bidders?

It's hard to say positive things about u.s.
as our history climbs up our back
but please I insist we can reset this shit
if we try to determine some facts

why do we need to rely on one dude
can't we make our decisions stand tall?
the old declaration of independence
it was written to speak for us all

in it's union address it had declared a mess
of the way that the old laws were kept
I have reread these words and I think it's absurd
how we seem to be losing the script

if you look in the mirror it's you and the world
and we ALL have this view once a day
and for every one person that doesn't spread hate
is one more that has found the true way

and we all take a turn on the moodswing of life
as we make our days fold into nights
with our blood sweat and tears we will look in that mirror
before bedtime and know we are right

yeah it's hard to be glad when you just became mad
and somebody won't let your mood swim
so you drown with a frown from those tears of a clown
spreading gloom to the room you are in

but a mood is a mood just like food is to food
and the two coincide just the same
and with good moderation we lose separation
of apathy sadness and grins

in a full day of life there is so much to like
and the negative news spreads so fast
that's why I take the time to relieve my old mind
watching girls on the avenue pass

it's the perfect distraction, it's free satisfaction
and ladies, they love the attention
it might not bring peace to a world of disease
but it's natures most prime intervention

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